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Disabled Hotel in London

T Hilton 1This 4 star London disabled hotel is centrally located at Trafalgar Square in an area full of popular attractions, including The National Gallery and Piccadilly Circus. The nearby accessible bus routes allow disabled guests to visit all the places on their London must-see list. The area around this accessible hotel is full of entertainment such as the numerous theaters.

Guests will have their choice of 2 bars and lounges in this London disabled hotel. The accessible bathrooms offer roll-in showers for wheelchair users. The prime location and accessible amenities make this London hotel a great choice for disabled travelers.

This hotel has closer accessible bus options than other disabled London hotels near Trafalgar Square. It’s also significantly cheaper than some other nearby London accessible hotels.

This London disabled accessible hotel features:

  • Accessible hotel room personally inspected and verified by John Sage.
  • Nearby access to wheelchair accessible bus routes. John Sage’s London Accessibility Guide tells you which routes are helpful for tourists.
  • Great location at Trafalgar Square.
  • Numerous theatres nearby in wheelchair accessible neighborhood.


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Accessibility Details

I gave this hotel a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because it has ramp access and a manual door at the entrance. It did not get a higher rating because it didn’t have flat access and a motion activated door.

The disabled bedroom in this London Trafalgar Square hotel has space for a wheelchair on both sides of the bed, as well as at the foot. The bed is large enough for 2 people.
T Hilton 2 T Hilton 6
The accessible bathrooms in this London disabled hotel have a horizontal grab bar on the left side of the toilet and a drop-down grab bar on the right side of the toilet. The sink has enough space for the wheelchair user to roll their knees underneath. The roll-in showers have a grab bar attached to the wall, as well as a bench inside.
T Hilton 7 T Hilton 8There is a manual door at the entrance of the hotel with ramp access to the right. There are 3 steps at the main entrance, a manual door then 3 more steps to enter the lobby.
T Hilton 9 T Hilton 10
The side entrance is located to the left of the main entrance and has a wheelchair ramp.
T Hilton 11
The hotel bar has smooth wood floors and plenty of space for a wheelchair to move around easily. The hotel elevator doors are wide enough to fit a wheelchair.
T Hilton 12 T Hilton 13


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