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Essential Berlin Private Accessible Walking Tour

Explore the many layers of dynamic history embedded in the city centre of the German capital on this accessible walking tour of Berlin! Hidden behind the Berlin Wall during the Cold War, Berlin Mitte (the “middle of Berlin) gives you the clearest window into the city’s Prussian and Nazi past, its legacy as a divided city and the constant change that is New Berlin.

Your licensed, local Berlin guide will meet you at your central accessible Berlin hotel where your 4 hour private walking tour begins. Your guide has extensive experience touring with disabled clients in Berlin and is ready to share interesting information and anecdotes with you as you walk/stroll your way through the “mitte”.

On this accessible walking tour you will visit the Berlin Wall, the famous barrier that cut the city in two and remains as a symbol of the Cold War. For more than three decades, the Berlin Wall separated the German people! Your guide will take you to the last remaining sections of the wall to hear stories and facts about the process of division, daring and often deadly escape attempts and the impact of the Wall throughout history.

Next, your private walking tour will lead you to other significant historical attractions including Checkpoint Charlie, the famous crossing point from the American sector into East Berlin and the Topography of Terror, the site of the SS and Gestapo headquarters – the place where the Holocaust was planned! Here you will experience an exhibition on crimes committed by the Nazis, housed in the prison cells once used for the so-called “intensified questioning’ of political opponents of the Nazi regime. Your guide will also show you the enduring symbol of Berlin, the Brandenburg Tor. Everyone who ever believed themselves to be in charge of Germany marched through this gate, including Napoleon in 1806, the German army in 1870 and1914 and the Nazi Storm Troopers in 1933.

Escorted by your guide, you will make your way to the former place of the Fuehrerbunker, which is the place Hitler spent his final weeks, rejecting the possibility of defeat. Here you will hear the story of his last days, his marriage to Eva Braun and their suicide pact. You will also have a unique opportunity to visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Completed in April 2006, this impressive three-football field sized memorial located in the city centre stands as a symbol of the New Berlin.

The Essential Berlin Private Accessible Walking Tour features:

  • Convenient accessible tour routes confirmed to be wheelchair accessible (step and curb free)
  • 4 hour walking/rolling tour
  • Lively commentary by an officially-certified, English-speaking tour guide
  • Tour guide can push manual wheelchair users (depends on the total weight of the wheelchair plus wheelchair user)
  • Memorable sightseeing and great photo opportunities in Berlin!

Tour Highlights

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Touring Berlin Mitte
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Topography of Terror
  • Brandenburg Tor
  • The former pace of Der Fuehrerbunker
  • The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Accessibility Description

The Essential Berlin Accessible Walking Tour has a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because it is entirely step-free, and it encounters very few hills and cobblestones.

Checkpoint Charlie (shown in the photo on the left) and Brandenburg Gate (shown on the right) will be visited during your walking tour in Berlin. The area around the replica of the Checkpoint Charlie guardhouse is flat and smooth and so is the outdoor area at the Brandenburg Gate. The Gate was one of the original Prussian gates to the city and was also the site of President Kennedy and President Reagan’s famous speeches.

During your walking tour, you will see that most neighborhoods are flat and wheelchair friendly and with the help of our private guide, you shouldn’t experience any issues navigating the streets of Berlin, if you desire (see examples below)

Tour Details

Tour duration: 4 hours
Cost: 580 euro for 1-2 people, 650 euro for 3-4 people, 720 euro for 5-6 people 790 euro for 7-8 people. Included: public transportation costs. Not included: Snacks/meals, gratuities.

Days of the week the tour is offered: 7 days a week
Meet-up time: 9 or 10 am
Meet-up place: Your Accessible Berlin Hotel
Dress code: None
Maximum number of people on tour:
To review our cancellation policy please click: HERE. Tours run rain or shine.
Not included: Snacks/meals, gratuities, and transportation costs.

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