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Wheelchair Accessible Guided Tour of the Borghese Gallery in Rome

At the Borghese Gallery, you’ll find some of the greatest sculptures ever created.  On the accessible Borghese Gallery tour you will see Bernini’s David which shows exactly how far art progressed since Michelangelo carved the same subject.  Gone are the balance and stoic expression of Michelangelo’s David which has been replaced by a twisting David in the process of hurling his stone at Goliath.

Tour Highlights

Sculpture masterpieces from antiquity
– Artemis (a rare original by a Greek master from the 4th century BC.)
– Isis (2nd century BC.) in black marble
– mosaics with gladiators (4th Century AD)
– the Dancing Satyr (2nd Century BC.)
– Bacchus (2nd Century AD)
– Hermaphrodite

Renaissance and Baroque art from Raphael, Sodoma, Corregio, Bernini, Carravagio and Perugino
– Aeneas
– Anchises
– Truth
– Apollo and Daphne
– St. Jerome
– David

Accessibility Description

The main entrance to the museum has steps.  There is a wheelchair accessible entrance located in the back of the building.  You will need to send someone into the museum, or call by mobile phone, to have a staff member open the door at the rear.

After the accessible Borghese Gallery tour enters the building, you will be on the ground floor. The exhibits are shown on the ground floor and the upper floor. The elevator to go upstairs to the upper floor is too small for a wheelchair.  Wheelchair users will need to transfer into normal chair and have someone carry their wheelchair up a flight of stairs.

While taking the elevator the client has to be able to stand up as the elevator cannot accommodate the chair. The museum will offer their wheelchair on each floor and the exit will be through a ramp. The client’s scooter or chair is parked safely with the custodians on the ground floor.

* Important note:  Wheelchair accessible transportation is not included on this tour.  Private wheelchair accessible van pick-up at your hotel can be reserved in advance for €110 each way.

Tour Details

Tour duration: 3 hours
Cost: €425 for 1-2 people. €490 for 3-4 people. €555 for 5-6 people.€650 for 7-8 people. The use of ear phones is mandatory for groups larger than 4 people. The cost is €2.00 per person.
**Price subject to change.
* €20 off if booked as part of an accessible Rome travel package  (Note: if your package includes more than 3 tours total, discounts will be applied to maximum 3 of the tours).   
Days of the week the tour is offered:  Every day except Monday
Meeting time: 10 am
Meeting place: The lobby of your accessible hotel in Rome or at the location provided in your itinerary
Dress code: None
Number of people on tour: Up to 5 people
Entrance tickets: Not included. €3.00 for disabled visitors plus one companion if they have an ID card from their home country describing their disability. Otherwise €22 per person.
Not included: Snacks/meals, gratuities, and transportation.

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