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Sultanahmet Istanbul Accessible Private Tour

See all the Istanbul highlights in 1 day!
This Istanbul accessible private tour visits all of the accessible attractions and uses accessible routes to get between them. Your professionally-licensed guide will pick you up in a van with a wheelchair lift before leading you from one fascinating attraction to the next. World famous sights like the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are mixed in with less famous, but equally as impressive sights like the Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern. Step-free routes will be used to shop in the Grand Bazaar and travel between the tourist attractions.

Other tours that you may be interested in include the Blue Mosque Istanbul Accessible Cruise Excursion by Tram (if you’d like a cheaper full-day tour and are okay with walking/rolling longer distances) or the Old City Istanbul Accessible Group Tour (if you’re okay sharing the tour with other tourists). Half day accessible van tours include the Half-day Highlights of Istanbul Handicap Accessible Tour and the Half-day Turkish Istanbul Accessible Guided Tour.

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Tour Highlights

– Topkapi Palace
– Hagia Sophia
– Blue Mosque
– Hippodrome
– Basilica Cistern
– Grand Bazaar

Accessibility Details

The Sultanahmet Istanbul Accessible Private Tour has a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because it uses a van with a wheelchair ramp that is suitable for heavy electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. It also involves step-free routes between the tourist attractions, and the tour guide can push manual wheelchair users. It did not receive a higher accessibility rating because there are cobblestones and hills on the tour route (they are found almost everywhere in Istanbul).

After you depart your cruise ship, you’ll pass through the red buildings shown in the photo on the left. The Sultanahmet Istanbul Accessible Private Tour starts with your professionally-licensed tour guide greeting you at the Istanbul cruise terminal exit (shown in the photo on the right).

You will be comfortably transported into the Istanbul city center using a wheelchair accessible van.

Topkapi Palace
On your Istanbul accessible private tour, you will visit the Topkapi Palace where you’ll be amazed at how much there is to see! Serving as the residence of the Ottoman Sultans (and their harem) for 400 years, the Topkapi Palace is one of the most impressive attractions in Istanbul.

It also houses several museums of Islamic artifacts (including the Topkapi Dagger), Christian artifacts (including the hand of John the Baptist), the armory, and the Treasury (containing an 86 carat diamond).

Your accessible visit to the Topkapi Palace will use wheelchair ramps to get over the marble door frames at the courtyard entrances (shown in the photo on the left). In rooms where there are no ramps, the tour guide can assist wheelchair users.
There is ramp to get over the door frame between the first and second courtyard. There is one step in the harem that doesn't have a ramp.

Wheelchair users at the Topkapi Palace will encounter some minor cobblestones. These are much less severe than those found in other parts of the city.
The second courtyard has some 3 star smooth cobblestones at the edge of the courtyard. The harem is accessed from the left side of the second courtyard and has some 3 star smooth cobblestones.

The Sultanahmet Istanbul Accessible Private Tour will avoid steep hills at Topkapi Palace like the one shown in the photo below.
There is a 3 star steep slope down to the fourth courtyard.  The fourth courtyard is not worth going down to.

Hagia Sophia
This private accessible Istanbul tour includes a visit to the Hagia Sophia which was a church from 360 AD to 1453 AD, a mosque from 1453 AD to 1931 AD, and a museum since then. It contains numerous mosaics and was the world’s largest cathedral for nearly a thousand years.

Your Hagia Sophia accessible tour will use the step-free ticket entrance located on the west side of the building (shown in the photo on the left). Your tour guide will escort you to the building entrance with the wheelchair ramp (shown in the photo on the right).
The entrance to the Hagia Sophia ia on the left side of this picture.  There is level access. This ramp leads down into the building.

The tour route inside will use the wheelchair ramp up to the former location of the altar (shown in the photo on the left). The Sultanahmet Istanbul Accessible Private Tour will avoid the steep, cobblestone covered ramp shown in the photo on the right.
This ramp leads up to the area where the altar formerly was located. This rough path and some steps lead to the upper level.

Blue Mosque
The Sultanahmet Istanbul Accessible Private Tour includes a visit to one of the most famous mosques in the world, the 400 year old Blue Mosque.   Your tour guide will explain to you the significance of the six minarets and bring you to the Istanbul Blue Mosque wheelchair accessible entrance and allow you to skip the line.
Image of the Blue Mosque

There is one small marble doorway (shown in the photo on the left) that disabled visitors will need to navigate. No outside wheelchairs are allowed onto the 100+ year carpet inside. Wheelchair users who want to go inside will need to transfer into the wheelchair provided by the Blue Mosque (shown in the photo on the right).
 Everyone walking will have to take off their shoes to enter.  Wheelchair users will have to transfer to this wheelchair.

This Istanbul accessible private tour will visit the Hippodrome (aka Sultanahmet Square) located just in front of the Blue Mosque. Your professionally-licensed tour guide will tell you about the chariot races held here, the 3500 year old Egyptian obelisk, the “walled obelisk”, and the Serpent Column brought here from Delphi by Constantine I in 324 AD.

Basilica Cistern
The Basilica Cistern (also known as the Underground Cistern) is one of the most unique attractions you’ll see on this Istanbul accessible private tour. This 6th century water storage cistern was fed by a 19 km long aqueduct, and it can hold 80,000 cubic meters of water. The ceiling is supported by 336 nine meter tall columns. Your accessible Basilica Cistern tour avoids the 52 steps at the entrance and includes permission to use the wheelchair lift at the exit (shown in the photos below).

Grand Bazaar
Your accessible Istanbul tour includes a visit to the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. It consists of 61 covered streets and over 3000 shops. You will have time to shop in this 500+ year old market before heading to the next accessible tourist attraction

The Istanbul Grand Bazaar accessible tour will use one of the wheelchair accessible gates to enter the market (shown in the photo on the left). It will avoid entrances that have one or multiple steps (shown in the photo on the right).

Tour Details

Tour duration: 8 hours
Cost:  €500 for 1-2 people, €600 for 3-4 people, and €700 for 5-6 people.
* €50 off if booked as part of an accessible cruise & excursions package.
* €20 off if booked as part of an accessible Istanbul travel package
Days of the week the tour is offered:  All. However, Hagia Sophia is closed on Monday, the Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesday, and the Grand Bazaar is closed on Sunday.
Meet-up time: 8:30 am
Meet-up place: Cruise dock or accessible hotel lobby
Dress code: In mosques you will need to cover your knees and shoulders. Mosques can typically supply you with a piece of fabric to cover yourself. In the Blue Mosque, ladies do not need to cover their heads.
Maximum number of people on tour: The accessible van can hold 6 people.
Entrance tickets: Not included. Some entrance tickets are free for disabled visitors if they have an ID card from their home country stating the percent of their disability. Otherwise, the Topkapi Palace is 40 TL, the Hagia Sophia is 40 TL, and the Basilica Cistern is 20 TL.
To review our cancellation policy, please click: HERE. Tours run rain or shine.
Not included: Entrance tickets, snacks/lunch, and gratuities.

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