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Florence 4 Star Accessible Hotel

Hotel kraft 6This 4 star Florence accessible hotel is ideal for disabled travelers who want to avoid the large masses of tourists, yet still be near the popular attractions. The modern boutique hotel sits west of Ponte Vecchio and the main Florence train station and is in a flat neighborhood with fewer cobblestones than other traditional Florence neighborhoods. You will be just 1.3 km to the Duomo and only 900 meters from the often overlooked Santa Maria Novella Church.

Amenities of this 4 star Florence accessible hotel include a flat entrance, large roll-in shower double room and wheelchair ramps to reach the rooms. You will find bigger roll-in showers here than in some other Florence accessible hotels and fewer tourists than another 4 star Florence accessible hotel that I visited.

This Florence 4 star accessible hotel features:

  • Accessible hotel room personally inspected and verified by John Sage.
  • 1 standard double accessible room with roll-in shower.
  • Wheelchair lift and wooden ramps inside to get past steps.
  • Located on a flat, quiet street near Duomo (1.3 km) and Santa Maria Novella Church (900 meters).

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Accessibility Details

I gave this hotel a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because it has a flat building entrance, a wheelchair lift to reach the elevator, and a roll-in shower. It did not get a higher rating because wheelchair users have to use narrow wooden ramps to get past the 2 steps in the hotel hallways.

This disabled room has a hallway inside that leads to the bedroom. There is a desk located on the right.
Hotel kraft 2 Hotel kraft 3
The accessible room has a double bed on the left side of the room. There is space for a wheelchair only at the foot of the bed. Other 4 star Florence accessible hotels have space on both sides of the bed.
Hotel kraft 4 Hotel kraft 5
The accessible bathroom has a sink straight ahead. The roll-in shower in located on the back left of the bathroom and the toilet is on the front left. There are grab bars near the toilet and inside the roll-in shower.
Hotel kraft 1
This chair can be moved and hung from the rail that is attached to the wall inside the roll-in shower.
Hotel kraft 7 Hotel kraft 8
This hotel has a flat entrance and is located on a flat street.
Hotel kraft 9 Hotel kraft 10
This 4 star Florence accessible hotel lobby has smooth floors making it easy to maneuver a wheelchair.
Hotel kraft 11
A wheelchair lift comes out of the ground to get up 2 steps. This is the only hotel that I have visited that has this type of lift.
Hotel kraft 12 Hotel kraft 13 This elevator leads to the upper floors and is wide enough for a wheelchair to fit. This old building has 2 steps in the hallway. 2 wooden ramps can be brought out for disabled guests.
Hotel kraft 14 Hotel kraft 15

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