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Disabled Access at Livorno Cruise Port

By John Sage

Livorno cruise port accessibility presents several obstacles for disabled cruise passengers. Visiting Florence, Pisa, and Lucca by accessible public transportation is possible but can get a little complicated.

The Livorno cruise port accessibility challenges start inside the port. Large ships dock in the Livorno commercial port. Due to safety concerns around the industrial equipment in the port, cruise passengers are forbidden from walking or rolling out of the port. Consequently, you will either need to either book an accessible Livorno excursion or take the port shuttle bus to exit the port.

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Many of the port shuttle buses have steps to enter them. In fact, when we visited we couldn’t find any buses with wheelchair ramps. The Tourist Information office has told us that there are two buses with wheelchair ramps. They were unsure why the accessible buses did not meet the ship.

Sage Travel Tip #1: If you are going to take the train to Florence or Pisa,
be sure to arrange for the accessible shuttle bus to exit the port.
Sage Travel Tip #2: If you are only going to take 1 driving tour during your cruise,
a driving tour of Tuscany is the place to do it!

There are two ports in Livorno that cruise ships use:
1) The commercial port where the large cruise ships dock, or
2) The passenger ferry port (Porto Mediceo) where the small cruise ships dock. Cruise passengers are allowed to walk or roll out of the passenger ferry port.

After you exit either port, you will need to transfer to the wheelchair accessible public Bus #1 at Piazza Grande, take it to the train station, then find assistance to board the train. All the details of those steps are described below.

I gave Livorno cruise port accessibility a 2 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because there is no step-free exit from the commercial port. If we receive confirmation that the port shuttle buses with wheelchair ramps are indeed available, we will raise it to a 3 Star Sage Accessibility Rating.

Overall, Livorno cruise port accessibility is similar to Civitavecchia port accessibility. At both ports, transportation is required to exit the port and you have to take a long train ride or drive to reach the main attractions. In contrast, the Naples cruise port and theMonaco cruise port allow you to walk or roll directly into a bustling city. Disabled cruise passengers visiting Venice are only a quick boat ride away from the attractions.

Livorno Cruise Port Accessibility Map

Livorno Commercial Port Accessibility

Large ships use the commercial dock in Livorno. Your cruise ship will be greeted by numerous buses for excursions and shuttle buses to take you into Livorno. When we visited, none of the shuttle buses into Livorno had wheelchair ramps. The tourist information office told me that two buses with ramps exist. If you have not booked a private excursion, you will need to have your cruise ship staff request the wheelchair accessible shuttle the day before. If you book a wheelchair accessible Livorno excursion, the guide will meet you at your ship.

Passengers are not allowed to walk/roll out of the dock and must take the port shuttle.

Cruise passengers are not allowed to walk to the port entrance due to the large amount of heavy machinery unloading and loading ships.

3.4 km (2.1 mile) route from commercial port to Piazza Grande

Disable Access at Livorno Porto Mediceo

Livorno cruise port disabled access is better at the passenger ferry port than the commercial port. Passengers are allowed to exit the port by walking or rolling. The port is used by smaller ships like Azamura & Seabourn.

The port is connected to Via Grande which has numerous shopping options and is located 700 meters from Piazza Grande.


0.7 km (0.5 mile) accessible route from Porto Mediceo to Piazza Grande

Getting from Piazza Grande to the Livorno Train Station

If you are able to get onto the port shuttle bus (either by arranging for a bus with a wheelchair ramp or getting assistance from other passengers to get onto the bus), you will be dropped off at Piazza Grande in the Livorno city center. From there, you will need to wait for the #1 Bus which has a wheelchair ramp to the train station.


0.7 km (0.5 mile) route from Porto Mediceo to Piazza Grande

Livorno Train Station Accessibility

Disabled access at Livorno train station is possible by using the accessible entrance in the front of the building.

There are multiple accessible entrances located at the Livorno train. The photo on the right shows a wheelchair ramp to get up the curb.

There are multiple steps to get onto the trains at Livorno train station.

Sage Travel Tip: You must contact Trenitalia in advance to arrange for assistance
to get up the steps on the train and reserve an accessible seat on the train

To summarize, disabled travelers taking public transportation from Livorno to Florence, Pisa, or Lucca will take the following steps:
1) Reserving the disabled accessible Livorno cruise port shuttle in advance
2) Reserving assistance at the Livorno train station, assistance at your destination train station, and an accessible train seat in advance
3) Taking the port shuttle to Piazza Grande
4) Waiting for the Bus #1 then taking it to the train station
5) Arriving at the train station 30 minutes in advance and locating train station staff to assist you getting on the train
6) Taking the train to destination (Florence – 1 hour 20 min each way, Pisa – 20 minutes, Lucca – 1 hour)
7) Visiting the attractions in the city

(For the return to the ship)
8) Arriving at the train station 30 minutes in advance and locating train station staff to assist you getting on the train
9) Taking the train back to Livorno
10) Waiting for the Bus #1 then taking it to the Piazza Grande
11) Locating the accessible Livorno cruise port shuttle (that you’ve arranged for in advance) and taking it back to the port
12) Uncrossing your fingers now that you made it back before “All Aboard” 😉

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