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Accessible Travel in Istanbul

  Overview of Accessible Transportation in IstanbulMany parts of Istanbul have cobblestones with 4 star smoothness like these.

Wheelchair accessible travel in Istanbul is best done using a combination of taxis and the accessible trams. Few busses are wheelchair accessible in Istanbul, and I have been unable to find any map showing what the accessible bus routes are. Some of the metro stations are accessible, but the Metro lines are not located near the tourist attractions. Istanbul is fairly hilly with numerous 3 star flatness and 4 star flatness slopes. Your best bet for wheelchair accessible travel in Istanbul hills is to take taxis to get up the hills.

Disabled Access on Istanbul tramsNearly all the tram stations are accessible, but the trams can be quite crowded as shown in this picture.

The trams are the most accessible and most useful public transportation option in Istanbul. The trams are very crowded especially during rush hour. The T1 tram route runs through the Old City and is useful to get you from the main tourist attractions like Hagia Sophia and the Blue mosque to the Taksim Area. The trams don’t actually take you up the hill to the Taksim area so you will need a taxi to get up there. Inside the tram, a sign on the ceiling will display the name of the upcoming station.

All of the tram stations have ramps to get up to the platform and flat access to get onto the tram except for the Karaköy, Eminönü, Yusufpasa, Findikzade, Çapa –Sehremini, and Topkapi stations.

You will need to buy a token at the tram station before boarding.This diagram inside the tram shows the accessible stops along the T1 tram line.

Wheelchair Accessible Busses in Istanbul

When I traveled to Istanbul in May 2010, I saw some wheelchair accessible busses but not many. Most of the busses that I saw had 3 steps to get into them. I searched online and at the bus stops and wasn’t able to find a map that showed which bus routes are wheelchair accessible. I would not rely on the busses for wheelchair accessible travel in Istanbul.The T1 tram connects to the T2 tram.

Subway (a.k.a. Metro) Accessibility

Some of the Metro stations in Istanbul are accessible, but the Metro does not go through the tourist part of town..

Funicular Accessibility

The funicular is used to get up the large hill to the top of the Taksim area. There is a flight of stairs to get down to the funicular tracks.Most busses in Istanbul have 3 steps to get into them.

Additional Istanbul Public Transportation Resources

The Istanbul public transportation website doesn’t have much information on accessibility but is useful for other information:

Click here to download a map (.pdf) of Istanbul public transportation.

I am unaware of any accessible taxis in Istanbul. Most taxis look like this one. Some busses have extendable ramps but I didn't see very many.

Istanbul has many hills. A couple of them actually have steps on the sidewalk.

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