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8 Keys to Success for Bruges Accessible Travel

By John Sage

Handicapped Accessible Travel to Bruges – If you truly want to have the best possible accessible trip to Bruges, you’ll need more than just find an accessible hotel. Bruges offers a variety of sightseeing, dining, and shopping experiences that have varying levels of accessibility. Focus on these 8 Keys to Success, and we think you’ll agree that Bruges is one of the best destinations in Europe!

1. Take a Bruges accessible walking tour – Bruges is a beautiful city and even more fascinating if you know what you’re looking at! Group walking tours are available and cover 2.7 km (route shown in the image on the right). Private guided tours in Bruges are also available, and several include routes that are wheelchair friendly and move at the pace you want them to. Be sure to arrange your accessible tour in advance.

2. Group attractions by proximity and accessibility – The main attractions in Bruges are not too far apart, but you’ll benefit by having an efficient plan to see them. Group the attractions by proximity so you can visit them back to back without having to trek all over the city.

3. Boat dock with ramp – The boat tours along the Bruges canals depart from several different locations. Some of the locations have stairs to get down to the docks (shown below on the left) and some have ramps (shown below on the right). Be sure to ask the staff if there is a ramp before you try to tackle any stairs.

4. Centrally-located, fully accessible hotel – Bruges has several excellent options for handicapped accessible hotels. Because of all the cobblestones found in Bruges, your trip will be much easier if you stay at a hotel within a few blocks of Markt Square. Be sure to confirm that it has all the accessibility features that you need (e.g. wheelchair ramp at entrance, roll-in shower, etc…)

5. Inaccessible tourist attractions – Because the buildings in Bruges are centuries old, a few of the popular tourist attractions in Bruges are not wheelchair accessible (shown in the image on the left below). Others have installed wheelchair ramps (shown in the image below on the right). If you want to minimize the amount of time you have to spend rolling on the cobblestones, be sure that you find out which attractions meet your accessibility needs before you get there.

6. Restaurant accessibility – Identify where the restaurants are that meet your accessibility needs. In particular, look for restaurants that have outdoor seating (like the ones shown in the picture on the right) – you won’t need to go up a step or two at the entrance.

7. Shortest routes – Like other medieval towns, Bruges does not follow an organized street plan. The winding streets can make it a little difficult to get your orientation. Before you get to the city, figure out which streets give you the most direct routes between tourist attractions. 

8. Rental wheelchairs – Disabled travelers to Bruges may benefit from renting a wheelchair to use during their stay. Alternatively, they may just want to use the loaner wheelchairs available at some of the museums (shown in the picture on the right).


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