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Disabled Hotel Rooms in Bruges

Disabled Hotel Rooms in Bruges – Wheelchair users will appreciate the 2 disabled rooms with roll-in showers at this hotel. The hotel is located midway between the Bruges train station and the the city centre on a street where you are more likely to see horse-drawn carriages than cars. Although it’s not as close to the bell tower as other disabled hotels in Bruges, that also means that there are less tourists in this part of town.

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The Memling museum and the Begijnhof are each two blocks away from the hotel. The Markt Square is a little further away but still within walking distance.

There are steps at the main entrance of the hotel, but a staff member can automically open a door near the parking garage to give you step-free access into the building. The disabled rooms are accessed by an elevator that is large enough for a wheelchair. A different elevator brings you to the basement where breakfast is served in a magnificent cellar.

We stayed in one of these disabled hotel rooms during our visit to Bruges and enjoyed it immensely.

We gave this hotel a 5 star accessibility rating because the disabled rooms have roll-in showers, there is a step-free entrance to the hotel that doesn’t require staff assistance (you just have to buzz the receptionist), and it is located within walking/rolling distance of the tourist attractions.

The disabled room at this hotel has a roll-in shower with a portable chair.  It also has a bathtub.

This disabled hotel room in Bruges has plenty of room to position a wheelchair next to the bed on the left. If you move the table on the right a wheelchair can fit on that side also. The picture on the right shows the step-free entrance to this disabled hotel in Bruges. You will need to buzz the receptionist to remotely open the gate.

Pictures of the interior lobby and lounge of the hotel:

Map showing the 850 meter route from the train station to the location of this disabled hotel in Bruges:

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How many disabled rooms have roll-in showers?  2 rooms with roll-in showers, the rooms also have bathtubs

Is the bathroom door at least 75 cm wide?  If not, how wide? Yes

Roll-in shower has bench/chair attached to wall, portable plastic chair/stool, or neither? Portable plastic shower

Grab bars are located on right, left, or both sides of toilet? Both

Can a wheelchair be positioned on the left, right, or both sides of the bed? (perspective of left/right is facing the bed from the foot of the bed)?  Definitely room on the left. There is room on the right if someone moves the end table.

Do the accessible rooms have one or two beds? 1 king bed

Do any of the accessible rooms have connecting rooms? No


Are there guest rooms on the ground floor? No

Is there an elevator to rooms on other floors? Yes

Elevator door is at least 75 cm (30 inches) wide? If less, how wide? Wide enough for wheelchair

Is the breakfast room / restaurant on the ground floor or can it be reached by elevator? It is in the basement and can be reached by elevator


Entrance to the building is flat, ramped, or has unavoidable steps?  There are 3 steps at the main entrance but there is a side entrance especially for wheelchairs.

Door opens manually inward or outward, is revolving, is automated by button, or is motion activated? Push/pull

Parking and Public Transportation

Where is the closest disabled parking located? (e.g. on street north of building, parking garage east of building, etc…) Under hotel

Closest disabled parking is how many meters from entrance? (less than 20 m, 20 to 50 m, 50 to 100 m, 100 to 200 m, or greater than 200 m)  Less than 20 m

Route between disabled parking and entrance has unavoidable steps/curbs, cobblestones, and/or slope/ramp?  Or is it flat and smooth?  Elevator

Is there a taxi stand nearby? How far away? Staff can call taxi

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