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Handicapped Hotel Rooms in Bruges

Handicapped Hotel Rooms in Bruges – This is the nicest handicapped room that exists in Bruges. The Executive Room shown in the picture on the right has a roll-in shower and grab bars next to the toilet. These rooms are only a little more expensive than other handicapped hotels in Bruges, and splurging for this hotel may well be worth it.

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The hotel is located 2 blocks from Burg Square and 3 blocks from Markt Square which is lined with numerous restaurants with outdoor seating that is accessible to wheelchair visitors.

These handicapped hotel rooms in Bruges received a 5 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because they have a roll-in shower with a chair, grab bars on both sides of the toilet, and a step-free entrance.


How many disabled rooms have roll-in showers? 12 Rooms.

How many disabled rooms have a bathtub with grab bars? None

Is the bathroom door at least 75 cm wide? If not, how wide? 93 cm.

Roll-in shower has bench/chair attached to wall, portable plastic chair/stool, or neither? Portable plastic stool in every room.

Grab bars are located on right, left, or both sides of toilet? Both

Can a wheelchair be positioned on the left, right, or both sides of the bed? (perspective of left/right is facing the bed from the foot of the bed)? Depends on the room.

Do the accessible rooms have one or two beds? Almost all our rooms have two beds, which can be made up as a double upon request.

Do any of the accessible rooms have connecting rooms? No


Are there guest rooms on the ground floor? No

Is there an elevator to rooms on other floors? All our rooms are accessible using our elevators.

Elevator door is at least 75 cm (30 inches) wide? If less, how wide? 90 cm

Is the breakfast room / restaurant on the ground floor or can it be reached by elevator? Can be reach by elevator.


Entrance to the building is flat, ramped, or has unavoidable steps? Flat

Door opens manually inward or outward, is revolving, is automated by button, or is motion activated? Motion activated.

Parking and Public Transportation

Where is the closest disabled parking located? (e.g. on street north of building, parking garage east of building, etc…) We have 40 underground parking spaces (20€/24h)  in our hotel, 3 of them are special disabled parking spaces. From there you can access the reception by using the elevator. No steps involved.

Closest disabled parking is how many meters from entrance? (less than 20 m, 20 to 50 m, 50 to 100 m, 100 to 200 m, or greater than 200 m) Less than 20 m. Parking is situated under the hotel.

Bus lines that pass nearby Bus line number 6 & any bus that stops at the main market square.

Is there a taxi stand nearby? How far away? Market square, 3 min walk from the hotel.

The handicapped rooms in this Bruges hotel have a roll-in shower wich has a chair attached to the wall. There is also a bathtub with plenty of room in the bathroom for a wheelchair user to navigate.

The toilet has grab bars on the left and right hand sides.

The entrance to the hotel is step-free and has motion activated doors. An elevator leads up to the handicapped hotel rooms in Bruges.

The restaurant in the hotel has plenty of room for wheelchair users to navigate. There is an accessible bathroom near the restaurant.


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