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Handicapped Accessible Athens Tourist Attractions

Recommended Itinerary for Disabled Travelers

Here is an itinerary to see the top sights in Athens. I’ve grouped the sights to minimize the amount of effort to get between the sights while also making sure that each day doesn’t have too much or too little to see. The sights in blue are the don’t miss sights.

Day 1Take taxi to National Archaelogical Museum, then take taxi or Metro to Ancient Agora
National Archaeological Museum
Ancient Agora

Anafiotika neighborhood for dinner

Day 2Take taxi up to Acropolis, then take taxi to Byzantine and Christian Museum, then walk/roll to Museum of Cycladic Art
Byzantine and Christian Museum
Museum of Cycladic Art

Day 3Taxi or Metro to New Acropolis Museum, then walk/roll to Temple of Olympian Zeus
New Acropolis Museum
Dionysiou Areopagitou and Apostolou Pavlou pedestrian walkways
Temple of Olympian Zeus

Athens Walking Tour
Benaki Museum of Greek History and Culture

You can find detailed descriptions of accessibility at Athens tourist sights by clicking on any of the articles below:

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Wheelchair Access Byzantine and Christian Museum

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