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Naples Cruise Port Accessibility

By John Sage

Naples cruise port disabled access is excellent because it offers so many accessible options to disabled cruise passengers.

Where else do you have to decide between a buried Roman city and island playground for Roman Emperors? Or decide between summiting an active volcano or visiting a former Royal Palace?

There is no way that you can experience everything in a single visit, so you’ll definitely want to come back!

Choose from 11 accessible shore excursions in Naples

I gave Naples cruise port a 5 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because disabled cruise passengers, even those with heavy electric wheelchairs, can show up in port and visit tourist sights without any advanced reservations. The main sights in Naples are within walking/rolling distance of the Naples cruise terminal, and the ferry to Sorrento is located 650 meters away.

Sage Travel Tip: Choose 2 or 3 of the regions you want to visit
while in Naples port, and come back to see the rest on a future trip.

Naples cruise port disabled access is better than other ports such as the Venice cruise port, the Istanbul cruise port, and the Athens cruise port.

Bay of Naples Disabled Access Map

The accessible Naples cruise dock is right in the middle of town and you have several options for accessible Naples excursions:
1) Walk/roll to the Naples tourist attractions
2) Take an accessible ferry to Sorrento and/or Capri
3) Take a taxi or walk/roll to the Circumvesuvius train station then take a train to Pompeii, or
4) Book an accessible private excursion to visit, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Herculaneum, and/or the Amalfi Coast

Naples Disabled Access Map

Disabled Access inside Naples Cruise Port

The Naples cruise dock is much shorter than long docks like Civitavecchia and Barcelona. In Naples, you walk/roll 500 meters and you’re inside the city!

After you get off the ship, follow the directions of the cruise personnel towards the cruise terminal building (shown in the photo on the right).

There is a curb cut at the sidewalk and a flat entrance into the building. Going through the cruise terminal requires going up an elevator and passing through the shopping center

Staff working at the cruise terminal may direct you to take the quicker exit directly through the driveway under the cruise terminal (shown in the photo on the left). At the front of the cruise terminal is where an accessible van can meet you for your accessible driving tour to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.

Photos of the accessible Naples cruise terminal (with ships on both sides) are shown below.

When returning to the Naples Cruise Terminal, you will find a ramp at the front of the building.

Take the elevator up to avoid steps. The cruise terminal has various duty-free shops. After a quick visit, take the elevator down to ground level.

You’ll need to go through security on the cruise dock before getting back on the ship.

Option 1: Getting from Naples Cruise Dock to Naples City Center

One of the simplest options when you arrive at the accessible Naples cruise port is to stay in Naples visiting the various sights.

1.0 km (0.6 mile) accessible route from cruise dock to Galleria Umberto

The route has some cobblestones (shown in the photo on the left). It also has curb cuts at most of the sidewalks (shown in the photo on the right).

The Galleria Humbero I has steps at the near (southern) end (shown in the photos below), so disabled tourists will need to use another entrance.

Sidewalks (that are sometimes narrow) lead to the famous Piazza del Plebiscito (shown in the photo on the right).

The Castel Nuovo (located just across the street from the cruise terminal) has a long cobblestone-covered driveway leading to it.

The pedestrian promenade near Castel dell’Ovo is often closed for traffic and makes for a good accessible stroll.

There is obviously much more to see in Naples, and the sights mentioned above a just a few examples.

Option 2: Getting from Naples Cruise Dock to Naples Ferry Dock

One of the cheapest accessible excursion options for Naples disabled cruise passengers is to take the accessible ferry to Sorrento and/or Capri. Both are easy and quick ferry rides away from Naples and you can actually fit in both in a single day.

While Sorrento disabled access only requires the use of an elevator to get up the cliffs, Capri disabled access will require the hiring of a private driver if you want to see all that the island has to offer.

The Naples ferry dock is only 650 meters away from the accessible Naples cruise port. The entire route is step-free and flat. When you leave the Naples cruise terminal, turn left and the ferry dock will be ahead of you on the left.

650 meter (0.4 mile) route from cruise dock to ferry dock

As you leave the accessible Naples cruise port, taxis and the jetfoil ferry terminal will be to your left. Follow the street and the sidewalk to the ticket counter.

The ferry ticket counter has steps at the near end (closest to the cruise docks) and a ramp at far end.

Reservations are needed for the crowded Capri ferries but not the Sorrento ferries.

There will be several docks where ferries/jetfoils depart from. Your ticket lists your departure location.

There is a wheelchair accessible ramp to get on the jetfoils.

A designated space for wheelchairs is available on the lower level.

There is also seating upstairs (but no elevator to reach it)

Option 3: Getting from Naples Cruise Dock to Naples Circumvesuviana train station

Many disabled cruise passengers in Naples want to visit the ruins of Pompeii, and unfortunately there are not any great options. If you want to take the Circumvesuvius train to Pompeii, you’ll first have to get to the train station. The Naples buses do not have wheelchair ramps and the train station is a long walk/roll from the Naples cruise dock.


2.4 km (1.5 mile) accessible route from Naples cruise dock
to Circumvesuvius train station

If you are able to make the long walk/roll or transfer into a normal taxi, the Circumvesius train station is accessible.

The interior has no steps. You will need to arrange for assistance in advance to board the train and to re-route it at the Pompeii Scavi train station.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll run into with the Circumvesuvius train route is thatyou’ll have to ask the train staff to re-route the train at Pompeii so that it uses the platform closest to the ruins. Otherwise, you will have to take a pedestrian tunnel undernearth the train track. Re-routing the train is possible if you’re with a local person who speaks Italian, but could be problematic for any other tourists.

Option 4: Booking a private cruise excursion

Booking a private excursion has several benefits. You will have a local officially-licensed guide to explain the significance and history of the sights you are looking at (most important at historical sites like the Pompeii ruins and Naples Old City).

You will not need to spend any time navigating, and a private vehicle can bring you quickly between attractions so you can make the most of your time. This allows you to visit multiple areas around the Bay of Naples in a single day: Pompeii & Naples, orPompeii & Mt. Vesuvius, or Sorrento & Naples, or Sorrento & Capri, etc…

Choose from 11 accessible shore excursions in Naples

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