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Sorrento Cruise Port Accessibility

By John Sage

Sorrento is a beautiful town perched on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Disabled visitors can get from the dock to the town above using an elevator located at the west end of the shore.

The accessible Sorrento cruise portpresents numerous options for disabled cruise visitors. The town of Sorrento is perched on the cliffs above and can be reached via an elevator (the location is described below).

Alternatively, disabled cruise passengers can hop on one of the accessible ferries to Capri or Naples. And who could forget about the most famous sight in the region…the Pompeii ruins?

Sage Travel Tip: Start your day in Pompeii, Capri, Naples, or the Amalfi Coast,
so you can relax in the afternoon in Sorrento.

I gave the Sorrento cruise port a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because disabled passengers (even those with heavy electric wheelchair) have step-free routes to reach the town. It did not get a higher rating because the town has cobblestones in many parts of it.

Choose from 11 accessible shore excursions in Sorrento

Sorrento disabled access is not quite as good as some other cruise ports like theMonaco cruise port, the Barcelona cruise port, and the Naples cruise port.

Sorrento Disabled Access Map

 The town of Sorrento is perched on cliffs high above the Mediterranean sea.


If you are arriving by hydrofoil from Naples or Capri (or going to those destinations, the boat has a wheelchair ramp. That’s me in the wheelie going down the ramp!


The dock used by cruise tenders and ferries has paving stones with 3 star smoothness.


As you approach the cliffs, you will see boats in port on your left, and hotels are overhead


There is a ramp on the right at end of the dock. Proceed to the right of the seafood restaurant.


Follow the sidewalk to reach the Sorrento disabled access elevator.


There is a tiny beach in Sorrento. Better beaches are found in nearby Positano.


The lift is 1 euro per person (0.50 euro for disabled person)


The elevator is wide enough for wheelchair users.


Near the top of the elevator is a beautiful cloister. This is an example of something free and easy to visit that you would totally miss without a tour guide!

When you are returning to the ship, here is the view as you approach the elevator.


There are small streets in the old town with 3 star smoothness. Some are flat and some have a slight incline to them (4 star steepness).


There are numerous opportunities for shopping in Sorrento. Most stores have a single step at the entrance.



The main square (Piazza Tasso) and the new town to the east have pavement. Some sidewalks have curb cuts and some don’t.  Note: All of our Naples accessible shore excursions can also start in Sorrento.


Choose from 11 accessible shore excursions in Sorrento

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