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The Full Accessible Florence Experience!

Save €125 on the total package compared to booking each tour separately!

This Full Accessible Florence Experience is unlike anything else! Explore everything that Florence has to offer, as you create lifelong memories in this beautiful, historic city – peppered with breathtaking architecture, history and monuments.

Explore the famous Uffizi Gallery, one of the most spectacular museums in the world, and experience the Michelangelo’s David first hand! These handpicked accessible experiences complement each other and don’t overlap. It’s the perfect, hassle-free way to make the most out of your time in Florence!

What’s included?

It’s called the Full Accessible Florence Experience because that’s exactly what it is! This package includes a total of 4 different fully accessible tours:

  1. Essential Florence Accessible Private Tour– This tour is one of our most popular accessible Florence tours! As you make your way through the city center escorted by your friendly, knowledgeable guide, you’ll enjoy a visual history of the city told through hundreds of years of architecture. Using the most wheelchair accessible route possible, your private expert guide will safely help you navigate the terrain of Florence while giving you an overview of the city and it’s many must see places.

Tour Highlights Include: Column of Abundance, Piazza dellaRepubblica, Ponte Vecchio, MercatodelPorcellino, Piazza dellaSignoria, Antique and Renaissance sculptures, Piazza de Duomo,many more!
Tour Details: Drop off and pick-up at your accessible central Florence hotel or another central location. Tour Duration is 3 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details

  1. Michelangelo’s David and Accademia Accessible Guided Tour – One simply cannot visit Florence without seeing Michelangelo’s David in person. With our wheelchair accessible guided tour of the Accademia, you’ll get to do just that! Your private guide will escort you throughout the museum using wheelchair friendly routes, while pointing out the most popular works and explaining the history and meaning behind it.This is a short tour that can easily be done the same day as one of the other tours if needed.

Tour Highlights Include: Skip the line tickets to Accademia, learn the history of how David was made, see some of the most famous works of art in Florence!
Tour Details: Meetup with your guide is right in front of Accademia. Tour Duration is 1.5 hour. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details

  1. Uffizi Gallery Accessible Private Tour– When you think of Florence, do you think of the Uffizi Gallery? Many people do! This memorable accessible Uffizi guided tour takes you on a memorable visit among over 1600 breathtaking paintings and ancient sculptures. Your private guide is experienced in touring the museum with disabled visitors and their families, and will lead you around using the most wheelchair friendly routes possible.

Tour Highlights Include: Uffizi Gallery, over 1600 paintings, ancient sculptures, ceiling frescoes, Tribuna Room, Medician history and much more!
Tour Details: Meetup location is outside the Uffizi Gallery. Tour Duration is 3 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details.

4. San Gimignano & Siena Disabled Accessible Tour– While in Florence, don’t miss out on experiencing two of Tuscany’s most photographed cities, San Gimignano and Siena. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site with 14 towers, and visit the home of the famous seashell shaped Piazza del Campo. On top of this, you’ll also enjoy a breathtaking drive through the beautiful Tuscan Countryside. This tour is the icing on the top of your accessible memorable Florence experience!

Tour Highlights Include: Duomo di Siena Cathedral, Piccolomini chapel, Campanile del Mangia, City Hall of Siena, San Gimangino’s 14 towers, Piazza della Cisterna, Piazza del Duomo, La Collegiata, Via San Matteo.
Tour Details: Meetup at your accessible Florence hotel. Tour Duration is approx. 8 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details.

What if I want more accessible tours in Florence? No Problem! We’ll even give you EUR 25 off the total price of each additional tour you book! How about visiting the Pitti Palace or taking an accessible day trip to Pisa and Luca?

What if I need hotel and transfers as well? We’d love to help you! Check out our fully accessible Florence hotels and contact us for a free accessible Florence trip quote!

Booking Details:

Total Price for the above tours if booked separately:

1-2 People = €1910 . Your price with the Accessible Full Florence Experience is = €1810

3-4 people = €2110. Your price with the accessible Full Florence Experience is = €2010

5-6 people = €2330. Your price with the accessible Full Florence Experience is = €2230

***Save €125 when you book this Accessible Full Florence Package!***

*Note: Price may be higher if larger vehicles are required. Contact us to confirm price.

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