The Full Accessible Rome Experience!

Save 100 on the total package compared to booking each tour separately!

With this Full Accessible Rome Experience you won’t miss a beat! Explore everything that Rome has to offer, as you create lifelong memories in the “Eternal City” – a name it was given because of the age of the city. Explore the famous Roman Forum, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, visit the impressive Rome Colosseum, and experience the breathtaking Vatican firsthand! These handpicked accessible experiences complement each other and don’t overlap. It’s the perfect, hassle-free way to experience Rome!


What’s included?

It’s called the Full Accessible Rome Experience because that’s exactly what it is! This package includes a total of 3 different fully accessible tours:

1.Wheelchair Accessible Tour of the Roman Forum and Colosseum – This tour is one of our most popular accessible Rome tours! While the terrain in ancient Rome, especially in the Roman Forum, can be challenging due to hills and cobblestones, this should not keep you from experiencing this incredible historic site. Using the most wheelchair accessible route possible, your private expert guide will safely help you navigate the Roman Forum and the Colosseum as you are narrated through the unique history of the sites.

Tour Highlights Include: Roman Forum, Colosseum, Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Arch of Titus, Basilica of Maxentius, Roman Senate, Temple of Saturn, Temple of Divine Julius, Arch of Constantine many more!
Tour Details: Drop off and pick-up at your accessible central Rome hotel or at the entrance to the Roman Forum. Tour Duration is 3 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details

2.Vatican Wheelchair Accessible Guided Tour of The Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and St. Peters Basilica – When you think of Rome, do you think of the Vatican? Most people do! This memorable accessible Vatican guided tour, visits all of the popular sights in the Vatican city! Among other outstanding works of art, you’ll get to experience Michaelangelo’s Pieta Bernini’s Canopy and the tomb of Pope John Paul II firsthand!

Tour Highlights Include: Vatican Museum, Roman and Greek Statues Gallery, Gallery of Tapestries, Gallery of Maps, Raphael Stanzas, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters Basilica, St. Peters Square and many more!
Tour Details: Drop off and pick-up at your accessible central Rome hotel or on Viale Vaticano. Tour Duration is 4 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details


3. Accessible Renaissance and Baroque Guided Tour of Rome – One simply cannot visit Rome without exploring the fascinating historic streets of ancient Rome firsthand. With our wheelchair accessible guided tour, your private guide will escort you on a private stroll in the heart of the ancient city of Rome, using strep-free, mostly flat routes. There will be plenty of time to make stops and snap some beautiful photos along the way.

Tour Highlights Include: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, Parliament, Capitol Hill, Piazza Venezia, Largo Argentina (the site of Julius Caesar’s assignation) and many more!
Tour Details: Drop off and pick-up at your accessible central Rome hotel or by the Spanish Steps. Tour Duration is 3 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details


What if I want more accessible tours in Rome? No Problem! We’ll even give you EUR 25 off the total price of each additional tour you book! How about visiting the Borghese Gallery or the Capitoline Museums? Or maybe you’d like to try an authentic accessible Italian wine tasting experience?

What if I need hotel and transfers as well? We’d love to help you! Check out our fully accessible Rome hotels and contact us for a free accessible Rome trip quote!

Booking Details:

Total Price for the above tours if booked separately:

1-2 People = €950. Your price with the Accessible Full Rome Experience is = €850

3-4 people = €1100. Your price with the accessible Full Rome Experience is = €1000

***Save €100 when you book this Accessible Full Rome Package!***

*Note: Price may be higher if larger vehicles are required. Contact us to confirm price.


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