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Top Accessible European Tourist Experiences

By John Sage

accessible-european-touristAre you looking for an accessible vacation that matches your interests, but perhaps you don’t know where to start? We’ve created a “cheat-sheet” for accessible European tourist attractions that will help you customize your vacation according to what kinds of sights you want to see!

This list will help you determine the cities you want to visit, and then you can build your vacation using our 50 Awesome Accessible European Vacations list or by contacting us to create your own custom vacation!


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If you like ancient ruins…

Rome, Pompeii & Herculaneum (near Naples), Athens, Istanbul, Ephesus, Marseilles, and Stonehenge have ruins that are at least partially accessible. You can visit them via land & air travel, or take a cruise that visits all of them!

If you like castles…

London, Windsor, Hampton Court Palace, Greenwich, Edinburgh, Tallinn (Estonia), Naples, San Gimignano (Italy), and Lucca (Italy) have castles that are accessible to disabled visitors (wheelchair users may need assistance in some places).

If you like royalty…

London, Edinburgh, Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Monte Carlo, Naples, and Istanbul have all housed kings, queens, czars, or sultans. Accessible visits to former royal residences are possible in each location.

If you like WWII history…

Normandy guided tours, Berlin guided tours, the Cabinet War Rooms in London, the Army Museum in Paris, The Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam, and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces in Brussels do a fabulous job of telling the history before, during, and after World War II.

If you like art…

You have lots of options!  Cities with extensive accessible art collections include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, London, Paris, Rome, St. Petersburg, and Venice.

If you like natural beauty…

The Amalfi Coast, Edinburgh, Genoa, Istanbul, Monte Carlo, Santorini, Stockholm, and Tuscany (including Florence, San Gimignano, & Siena) have tons of beautiful scenery to admire!

If you like beaches…

Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Marseilles, Nice, Livorno, Capri, and Mykonos all have at least one wheelchair accessible beach.

If you like small towns…

Bayeux (France), Cambridge (England), Bruges (Belgium), Lucca (Italy), Oxford (England), Sorrento (Italy) are all great, wheelchair-friendly small towns.

If you like great food…

You can choose between margherita pizza in Naples, bruschetta & gnocchi in Florence, gyros in Athens, bangers & mash in London, truffles & foie gras in Paris, Swedish meatballs in Stockholm, mussels in Bruges, prawns in Barcelona, and paella in Valencia. Yum!


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