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Accessible Travel to Bruges

Bruges Accessible Travel Agents – Visiting Bruges with a disability has never been easier than with Sage Traveling. Our disabled travel have researched accessibility in Bruges first-hand and identified the best in accessible hotels and accessible tours. We take care of everything to provide you with a fully-accessible Bruges vacation!

Learn about our Bruges accessible trip planning services

Bruges Accessibility Guide by Sage Traveling

Our Bruges Handicapped Accessible Travel Agents will provide you with the Bruges Accessibility Guide by Sage Traveling © which provides you with everything you need to know about visiting Bruges with a disability.

Accessibility Information on Bruges Tourist Attractions
You will receive detailed accessibility information for all of the major tourist attractions including the Begijnhof, the Church of Our Lady, the Memling Museum, the Groeninge Museum, St. John’s Hospital, and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. The description will include:
– The location of an accessible entrance
– A description of what there is to see at each attraction
– A description of how much of the attraction is accessible to your mobility needs
– Pictures of the accessibility features (ramps, steps, etc…)

Accessible Restaurant Recommendations
Belgian cuisine is fabulous with specialities including mussels and some of the top rated beer in the world. We’ll let you know where you can find wheelchair accessible restaurants in Bruges.

Suggested Accessible Daily Itineraries
Our suggested accessible daily itineraries are created to allow you to see as much as possible with the least amount of effort. We provide you with multiple itineraries to choose from so that you can choose the itineraries that meet your interests and accessibility needs. Our accessible itineraries take into account:
– Proximity of sights to each other
– Location of cobblestones and curbs
– How long you should spend at each attraction
– Which days the attractions are closed

Accessibility Maps
Your accessibility packet will contain city overview maps and daily accessible itinerary maps enabling you to easily navigate your way around Bruges.

Disabled Travel Tips
Our 101 Essential Accessible Holiday Travel Tips for Europe © Sage Traveling is provided to all of our clients which will have you traveling like an expert!

Our Bruges disabled travel agents will answer any remaining questions you have about disabled travel to Bruges.

The accessibility information, itineraries, and maps will be neatly organized and assembled in a notebook that will be sent to you. It will make your trip easier than you ever thought was possible!

Bruges Accessible Travel Reservations

Our Bruges Accessible Travel Agents handle all the reservations for your trip including accessible hotel accommodation, accessible transportation to Bruges, accessible tours, and home health care.

How do we proceed?

Accessible hotel rooms sell out far in advance so our first priority for our Bruges handicapped accessible travel agents will be to make the hotel reservation. The earlier you contact us, the more hotel options you will have to choose from. We recommend contacting us 2 to 3 months in advance of your trip.

Because checking the availability of the disabled hotel rooms requires contacting each hotel individually, we require a $150 USD deposit before we begin. If you choose not to accept any of our recommended hotels or you cancel your trip for any reason, you get to keep our Bruges Accessibility Guide at no additional charge.

When you contact us, please provide the following information:
1) The number of disabled travelers
2) The number of able-bodied travelers
3) The nature of the disability (manual wheelchair user, electric wheelchair user, mobility scooter user, walk with a cane, etc…)
4) The dates of travel

Have questions about Bruges accessibility?
Our Bruges accessible travel consultants have all the answers.

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