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3 Star Disabled Hotel in Rome

This hotel is one of the most inexpensive, most centrally-located 3 star Rome wheelchair accessible hotels. Although the accessibility features in the hotel bathroom leave something to be desired, the affordability and location of this accessible hotel near the Roman Forum make it a good option for disabled travelers.

This 3 Star disabled hotel in Rome is located 2 blocks from the accessible entrance to the Roman Forum. The Rome Colosseum is only a few blocks away. It has a ramp at the entrance and an elevator to get up to the disabled room, but the roll-in shower is one of the smallest of all the hotels we reviewed.


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The hotel is a 3 star hotel with fewer amenities than other nearby Rome Colosseum accessible hotels. It provides a basic continental breakfast, and there are a few restaurants with accessible outdoor seating 2 blocks away.

We gave this hotel a 3 star accessibility rating because it has a ramped entrance and an elevator, but it has a small roll-in shower. The roll-in shower does not have a chair attached to the wall, and the towel rack next to the toilet may not be able to support the weight of someone transferring from the wheelchair to a toilet.

The accessible triple room has a single bed against the wall on the left and a double bed on the right. There is enough space between the wall and the right side of the double bed for a wheelchair to fit. The hotel looks out over one of the larger streets in central Rome, and you can see part of the Roman Forum from the balcony.


The picture in the bottom left was taken from the disabled hotel room window.

The bathroom has a sink on the left, a toilet in the back corner, and a roll-in shower on the right. The clear plastic doors around the roll-in shower swing open. There is no chair in the shower, but there is a small stool. The stool is very small, so disabled guests will find it is easier to bring the desk chair into the roll-in shower and sit on it. There are no grab bars in the shower. Some wheelchair users may find it a little difficult to transfer to the toilet because you can’t fit a wheelchair directly next to the toilet. There is a towel rack next to the toilet which might not be sturdy enough to work as a grab bar for disabled guests..


The main entrance to the hotel is accessible by a ramp and has push/pull doors. The elevator to take you to the second floor is wide enough for a wheelchair and is shown on the right.


The accessible entrance to the Roman Forum is only 2 blocks away. From the Roman Forum entrance, you can proceed down a flat street with sidewalks called Via dei Fori Imperiali to the Colosseum. If you go in the opposite direction, you will be at the Piazza Venezia, the Capitoline Museums, and Trajan’s Market.


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