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Stylish Bruges Accessible Hotel

This stylish, Bruges accessible hotel is located in the heart of the city, near St. Salvator’s Cathedral. The hotel itself is legendary, being the former residence of Monsignor Joannes Baptista Ludovicus de Castillion. He was the 15th Bishop of Bruges in the 17th century. The cathedral and other attractions in the area can easily be experienced on a memorable  Sage Traveling tour.

This boutique Bruges accessible hotel has a succinct 20 rooms. Though only one (#001) is wheelchair friendly, its aspects are very accommodating. First, it’s on the flat ground floor, so there won’t be any concerns with getting to the space comfortably. The unit has a roll-in shower with an attached shower chair, and wide main and bathroom doors. The bathing area has lowered fixtures, and adjustable grab bars on both sides of the toilet and shower. The height and perimeter around the bedding is sufficient, particularly on the right side when facing the mattress. All units in the Bruges accessible hotel have air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, televisions, radios and mini-bars.

Broad primary entrances are on the side of the building. The doors are not automated, but they can be opened 24/7 by bell-ring or a room keycard. There’s a large elevator to the breakfast room. For Sage Traveling, connecting elderly and disabled clients with pliable hotels is a priority.

Guests are often in awe of the stunning, period-themed decor of this place. Inside is an empire-style bar, rich in color, beauteous architecture and sparkling chandeliers. Next door is the art-deco salon and high tea spot. The salon was designed in the 1930’s and has been miraculously preserved. Its adornments include a mirror wall, black marble, gold plated finishes, and gilded paper stucco. It’s as divine as it sounds.

Remember when we mentioned that this hotel was in proximity to St. Salvator’s Cathedral? It’s so close to the church, that it will only take about two minutes to drive there. Believe it or not, walking/rolling will take even less time, at just mere seconds. Going to the famed spot will give you the perfect excuse to absorb moments of Bruges’ air and atmosphere.

The key accessible features of this Bruges hotel are:

  • Wide interior and exterior doors in room
  • Low hanging fixtures and furnishings
  • Barrier free roll-in shower with an attached chair; no shower curtains or doors
  • Han- held devices in shower
  • Multiple adjustable grab bars in the bathroom
  • Spaciousness around beds
  • Wheelchair-friendly main entrance on the side; special pathway to the breakfast room
  • spacious elevators

Accessibility Details

This accessible, stylish hotel in Bruges has an accessibility rating of four stars, out of five. It’s given such a high score because of its hospitable entrances, ground floor placement of a wheelchair permitting room, and easy to use in-unit features. Five-star lodging in the city is also available.

The elegant, fully accessible room has vast doors perfect for a wheelchair, and plenty of space around the bed. Furnishings are set low.

The bathing area has adjustable grab bars around the easy to reach fixtures,  and a roll-in shower with an attached shower chair.

The exteriors of this gorgeous hotel include a side-entrance for wheelchair users, accessible elevators and wide doors.

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